Francesco Laddomada

Independent Game Designer and Developer
from Cagliari, Italy

My design philosophy consists of creating minimalist and experimental forms of play with a huge love for details in their every aspect (design, art, technology).

Games Showreel

Some of the nice experiences I had

In 2011 I became CTO and Co-Founder of Photocircle, a startup in Berlin that supports humanitarian and reforestation projects around the world through photography.
I still work with them as a part-time Full-stack Developer.
Activision King
In 2017 I worked as a Game Designer Intern for Activision King in Barcelona. More specifically, I worked on the Level Design for Diamond Diaries Saga. That's when I found out that I love working on casual games, but I hate working on the F2P ones :)
FrittoMisto Games
In 2022 I started making games with Fritto Misto Games, a fresh team of designers, developers and 2D animators which met at New Animation in Sardegna, a project by Sardegna Film Commission.
Tio Toys
In 2017 I started working on my games studio, Tio Toys. I released several games and prototypes on iOS and Android. That's where I learned a lot about Design, Unity, polishing, game KPIs and much more.
Sardinia Game Scene
In 2019 I co-founded Sardinia Game Scene, a local network of game authors in Sardinia. We organize meet-ups to encourage collaboration, playtest each other's prototypes and spread the word for an healthy game culture.
In 2017 I completed my M.Sc. in Game Design at ITU Copenhagen, with a focus on fast-prototyping and user-centered design.
During my studies in Denmark, I worked as a Full-stack Developer for Copenhagen Game Lab, a studio that makes B2B learning games (physical and for browsers).
In 2020 I was the Lead Developer for Urban Histories Reloaded, an artistic residence where we developed a game prototype set in a neighborhood of Padova.
Collettivo Marzen is a small team of friends in Cagliari, and every once in a while we make games for fun and game jams.
Game Maker Academy
A few times per year, I hold workshops about Game Design, Level Design and some Unity tricks for Game Maker Academy, a game development school in Cagliari.
In 2018 I wanted to learn how to draw for my projects, so for two years I took Illustration classes at Accademia d'Arte di Cagliari.
When I was a kid with a lot of free time, I spent my evenings making games with RPG Maker. I was also the founder and administrator of RPG2s, the last survived community of RPG Maker in Italy.