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Telekinesis Simulator

Telekinesis Simulator is a tech demo where you can try how it feels to have real telekinesis powers.

The game is played through an eye tracker and a leap motion controller.
You only need to look at something and then move your hand to control it like a Jedi.

There are two types of movements to control an object while you look at it.
1. You push it vertically, horizontally or forward by doing a fast hand movement
2. You can grab it by sligthly closing your hand and then you can rotate it or move it to a specific point where you want to release it.

My roles

The game is a solo project made for the Alt Ctrl Game Jam 2016, where the main objective was to create an alternative controller.
I took the chance to work on this idea that I had for a while, after writing my Master thesis about eye tracking interaction in games.

I was the designer and the programmer of the project.
As a designer, my main objective was to reach a good feeling of moving things around.
It did not have to be immediate but I wanted the player to feel powerful and special once she managed to move something. So I had to play a lot with all the values given by the leap motion APIs (such as the grab strength, the velocity, the normal and the position of the palm) to identify the right type of movements.
Since I did not have time to implement an interesting gameplay, I decided to keep it as playground environment, where you can push and grab cubes around or trying to hit a far platform or a far obstacle.

Type of project
Game Jam project
Made with
Unity, C#, Leap Motion and eye tracker
My roles
Solo project
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