francesco laddomada
gameplay crafter & inventor


Standrama is a game where you have to think inside the box. You have to do the most obvious thing but it won't be so obvious.

Stan hates his life, where he is confined to a wheelchair after some tragic experiences. Help him to buy medicines from the pharmacy and discover the secret behind his sad life!
Move the character with arrow keys, write a command (i.e. "grab", "talk", etc.) and press enter to interact with the environment.

My roles

Standrama was made in two days during the Nordic Game Jam 2015. Since the main theme of the Game Jam was the word "obvious", we tried to use it to make something new.

After finding a concept that we all liked, my role was to design the puzzles and part of the pixel art (all the characters, animations and the first two rooms).

Simon Bechmann, Kemal Akay, Francesco Laddomada
Type of project
Game Jam project
PC, Mac
Made with
Unity, C#
My roles
Game Designer, Pixel Artist
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