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Eye am a Dragon

"Eye am a Dragon" is an experimental game played through eye-tracking technology and voice-input.

The player is the dragon in the background and he has to aim at the incoming enemies simply by looking at them. By roaring like a dragon, he will throw out flames in the direction where is looking at.

My roles

We made this game during the Alt Ctrl Game Jam 2015, where we had to create a game with an alternative control system.
As a designer, I came up with the core mechanic (look at something + yell to shoot), the enemy design (two types of enemies with different types of attacks), the game balancing (how enemies spawn, how many points you get, how much fire you can throw out before it recharges again) and the control feeling (specifically because eye movements are flickering, so it is necessary to make them feel natural to the players), prototyping and playtesting.
As the only programmer, I had to implement every single aspect of the game. The eye tracking input in particular was implemented through the SDKs of "The Eye Tribe" tracker.

Mira Dorthè, Francesco Laddomada, Dario Pruneti
Type of project
Game Jam project
Made with
Unity, C#, eye tracker and voice input
My roles
Game Designer and Programmer
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