francesco laddomada
gameplay crafter & inventor

Desert Lands

My first complete game, Desert Lands is a jRPG set inside a post-apocalyptic desertic world where you control Zae, a thief that robs small towns to survive.

Highly inspired by old Final Fantasy games, inside the game you need to find some mysterious crystals before other thieves find them... and of course you will to need to save the world from an unknown menace!

My roles

When I made Desert Lands I was 16 years old, so now it looks quite funny when I look back at it.
But it is my first complete game and once in a while I like to play it again to notice all the mistakes and what was going on in my teenager's head.

At that time I took care of everything: write the story, dialogues, characters, level design, battle balancing and much more!

Type of project
Hobby project
Windows XP
Made with
Rpg Maker 2003
My roles
Solo project
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