francesco laddomada
gameplay crafter & inventor

Angwus Battle

"Angwus Battle" is a local multiplayer arena game for two players where you move and shoot water with the same thumbstick.
The objective is to fill the hat of your opponent.

My roles

We made Angwus Battle in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2016 in Copenhagen, where it was awarded as the "Best Game" from the audience.
After that, we decided to bring forward the game during our free time to bring it to Amaze 2016 in Berlin.
Since it was a game jam, all of us took part of the design process to find a concept that we all liked.
I was the only programmer, so my role consisted in implementing with Unity and C# the whole gameplay (control system, winning and losing conditions, menus and GUIs) and the assets created by the 2D artist and the sound designer.
As a game designer, I worked on finding the concept of the game and on the repolishing of several elements (i.e. creating a powerful aesthetic feeling of shooting water, eyes and guns animations).

early prototype
Kemal Akay, Francesco Laddomada, Maxime Moze
Type of project
Game Jam project
PC, Mac
Made with
Unity, C#
My roles
Game Designer and Programmer
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