francesco laddomada
gameplay crafter & inventor

I believe that play is a primary need of human nature, but many forget this when they grow up.
My mission is to wake up the child sleeping inside each of us.
I do this by exploring, understanding and inventing unique forms of play.

My design philosophy consists of creating minimalist and experimental products with a huge love for details in their every aspect (design, art, technology).

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Game Design skills

Gameplay Design
Level Design
UX & Interaction Design
Game Analysis and Research
User Testing

Programming skills

Unity, C#
PHP, CodeIgniter
Javascript, jQuery

2D Art skills

UI Design
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Pixel art
Fast prototyping
Integrating and wrapping up contents inside the game engine
Bringing forward and communicating the vision of a project


2017, Barcelona (Spain)
Game Design Intern at King
with a focus on Game Analysis, Level Design and writing documentation.
2014 - 2016, Copenhagen (Denmark)
M.Sc. in Game Design at ITU Copenhagen,
making games for studies, work, jams and passion
2011 - 2014, Berlin (Germany)
CTO & Co-Founder of Photocircle,
a startup that supports humanitarian and development projects through photography
2009 - 2011, Cagliari (Italy)
B.Sc. in Computer Science
with specialization in web design & development
2006 - 2011, Cagliari (Italy)
Founder and administrator of Rpg2s,
the largest indie games community in Italy that supports Rpg Maker
1988, Cagliari (Italy)
Spawned on an island in the middle of Mediterranean Sea